The Golden Pot

kamal kishor kasnyal Posted: May 30 ,2014

An old person whose name was Girdhar who only one son. The name of son was Dinkar.Girdhar married his son with a girl named Charu.


Charu knew the language of birds and animals.One day she heard some foxes talking to each other.Foxes were saying – “The coins of gold are put inside the pocket of this dead body.If anyone would take them away , we shall eat this dead body.Charu went inside and after taking golden coins from the pocket of dead body bought coins home.


Dinker asked her the reason to go out side in night time.Telling the truth Charu showed him golden coins .Dinker did not believe her.He said angerily” You eat dead body !get out from my home.”


Meanwhile Girdhar had came. He said to Dinkar, convincingly, “She knows the language of animals and birds. She does not eat deadbody.


 “I don’t want wife who knows the language of animals and birds. Instantly you leave her in her father’s home.” Dinkar announced his decision.


Second day, Girdhar, with Charu went her father’s home. After sometime walking both of them sat down under a tree. two streams flowed under that tree. Both of them drunk water from the streams. Because of tiredness Girdhar had a siesta.


In this way, an eagle said from the tree, “a golden pot which is full of golden coins is put between the streams. There are two black snakes coiled around this pot. Drive these snakes away. I will eat them and you could take the pot.


Charu said, “when I agreed with foxes. I had to leave home. Now, I will not agree with you. Don’t disturb me.”


Hearing sound Girdhar get up. Charu told him the entire matter. Girdhar said,”Go and take the pot. Instead of going your parent’s we will go our home.”


First Charu denied. But after convincing by Girdhar, she agreed. Charu went between the streams and dipursed the snake with the stick. Charu put the pot on her head. Both of them moved to home happily. Girdhar had tired by reaching home. He sat on the mat inside the home.


As Charu entered inside the home, Dinkar got mad to see Charu there. “First you eat deadbody. Now perhaps you have eaten my father also.”- After saying he takes a sword which was hanging on the wall and pounce on Charu to kill.


Meanwhile Girdhar had came inside. He stopped Dinkar and told him truth. Knowing the truth Dinkar begging apology from Charu.


Charu said, “You never trusted me. I forgive you. But now, I can’t live with you. Dinkar kept saying sorry, but Charu never come back again.




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