Man's world - Incoherent riot of emotions Part - 1 [The Nightclub Affair]

Narendra Singh Posted: February 12 ,2014

And you say to yourself, never again!


But, like a ghost hiding in the shadows, or like that bad feeling which always comes back, uninvited.


They tell you, it happens once, and that, just once in your lifetime it happens for sure. Sooner or later you believe it that way and even more since the last time things went topsy-tervy! And then you say to yourself, oh well, never again!


Then, She walks in! Her hair so different, that smile that commands attention, a voice so new, and her eyes - black and glittering, like some spell all over again. In a room full of people she is your entire view, mixed in conversations, her voice is all you hear, and her eyes, so different, so deep, looking straight into you.


You notice the fringes, you look at the curls, and how the ends of her hair glitters in that smoke filled room. You wish she were nearer and you could say some random things.


You take a minute and a questionably large gulp of your drink, a deep drag of cigarette while you close your eyes, let the things kick in and say to yourself - all but a dream! You open your eyes, wishing secretly for her to have disappeared, but could that ever be! You smile at yourself and say it again - Oh dear god, never again!


Something happens, like the flick of a switch, you light a match stick and it's bright again. Your eyes, they run around, you count the numerous thing, breath in and out again. You see the colors, of hair, eyes and shoes, her dress and her watch, the missing earrings. You look at the nail paint and search for a ring; you mumble incoherently and avoid the eyes, well initially! Who would not give in?


Suddenly, you look and think again, is it auburn, copper, red or just black; her hair, really what color is it? As if fate of the world depends on the answer - copper you live, auburn you die! And then you do it, conversation it's called! You wish there were more time, and intelligent things to say, more stories to tell, more questions to ask!


Deeper you sink then, into her voice,


Hidden in the fringes, her black glittering eyes.

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