Nitish BakshiName: Nitish Bakshi
Designation :Content Writer
Work Experience: 3 Years

I am a man of my own conviction, coming from a moderate Indian family, I believe in creating own destiny. I am a positive thinker and a firm enthusiast of the thought “ Efforts are never wasted! ”

My Current Indulgence for Bread and Butter:
I am working as a Freelance Lance Writer delivering my services to the companies in various domains such as internet, media and print material.


Successfully completed a 3 years contract with Star Plus Television Channel while writing for their Telly Based Mobile Service called “Star Personal Diaries”

Successfully delivered an advertisement video script for travel portal

Working on Advertisement Video Scripts for a renowned Home Utility Products Brand “Bonita India”

Writing regular Entertainment Stories (Bollywood, Hollywood, and Television) for an extremely popular online youth based portal

My Creations:
I have few TV concepts and Short Film Stories preserved in my closet, which I proffer to use on a pedestal that can bring justice to my thought and creativity.

My Seeking:
As a writer, I seek to work on a platform where my creative energies get adequate exhilaration and I am able to deliver as per the expectations, and even more than what is anticipated of me.

My Thought:
“For the days when the well is feeling dry and the energies are depleting, I keep a running list of things I’ve read, things I have wanted to say but didn’t, things I’ve edited, things I’ve found in my archives (scribbles just like that), and things people have said to me in interviews. I surf through the list in my mind! Casually!
And I am instantly revived!”

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