Nazneen HaiderName: Nazneen Haider
Designation :Content Writer
Education: Graduate in Mass Media (Journalism)

Work Experience: 4 Years

Having grown up with friends and neighbors from all over the country (Pa is a retired Navy personnel), and thanks to a few years living in a foreign country, I have experienced firsthand different cultures, traditions and lifestyles. Life experiences have taught me that family - the memories, love and compassion - makes a home, no matter where in the world. And, yes, a home with a pet is like a cake with frosting AND choco-chips sprinkled all over! With the newest addition to my family - my marvelous daughter, life has never been more awesome. Education: After completing my schooling from Naval Public School, I pursued my Bachelors in Mass Media from Mumbai University. Hobbies: Reading, reading and reading - if the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf at home is any indication! DIY - creating and crafting in all my free time. Baking and cooking - I love to bake, family loves to eat; win-win! My Thought: Passion and sincerity cannot be faked - it clearly reflects in your work. My Personal Traits: Career: Kickstarting as an intern for an English newspaper, over the years I have worked as an editor, writer, proof reader and did a brief stint as a social media executive. Life philosophy: "When you hit rock bottom, it's only up you can go."

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