Darshan MondkarName: Darshan Mondkar
Designation :Creative Writer - Entertainment/Humor/Satire/ Green Living
B.E Mech from Pune University

Most of my working experience has been in the Mechanical Engineering field. Having lived a hostel life, however, has taken me out of the protective nest a long time ago, exposing me to the harsh realities of life at an early age. An avid reader and a part-time writer, I joined iWrite as a content writer when I started writing movie reviews and political satire. A habit of reading, had already been developed in me right from the childhood, and with Mom already an established writer in my mother tongue (Marathi), the inclination of leaning towards writing, was probably in my genes. Being a businessman (manufacturing) by profession and an engineer by qualification, the time spent writing helps me gets away from my everyday routine. Hobbies: Reading and Writing is a passion. Beyond that, I enjoy sports, cars and technology. My Thought “ There is no bad experience as long as you learn something from it. Your life is only a result of the choices you make.”

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