Writing Contest - No 3 - What I want from Diwali...

Vijaya Gowrisankar Posted: October 19 ,2014

As a child, Diwali was a festival of lights

Of new clothes, sweets, lights, decorations, crackers and happiness

As I grew up and lost that innocence, life threw up more questions

The relevance has changed, the inner essence remains the same...


Today what I want from Diwali is at a broader scale


Not just confined to the boundaries of my family and friends

It symbolises the smaller joys and smiles I can bring to less privileged...


It starts with myself - to lead a healthy life in body and spirit

Includes my family and friends - being their support, motivating them

Encompasses my colleagues - to view life as a gift rather than crib and find faults

Extends to the society

 In the small contributions by giving food, clothes

 In educating a few people

 In keeping my surroundings clean


D is to dispel the darkness in our hearts

I is to inspire positive thoughts

W is the wealth of good health

A is to aspire to give

L is to learn to be kind, emphathize

I is to impart values for a better life


Diwali is an occasion that reminds me

To live life the correct way

To believe in the brightness in adversity

That truth always prevails over evil...

The hardships may be long

I need to be strong

To have faith

In the light that is present

At the end of every dark tunnel...


Life throws challenges at each of us

None of us can conquer it alone

We need relations around us to help us

The real strength also lies in each of us...


Looking beyond ourself to the less privileged

To start our day with prayer

To thank Almighty for the bounties life has offered us

To share what we have with the less fortunate...


Diwali, to me, is this essence, revisited

Once every year

Is the infuse of enthusiasm

Is the zeal to live life

Is the symbol of lights piercing the darkness

And is the guiding light by which


I live the rest of the year...

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