~~When Spirits Soar~~

Payal Agarwal Posted: January 18 ,2014


Isolated I stand but desolated not

Rejected may be but dejected not 

Alone though I stand but lonely not 

Aloofness to world but ignorant not


The lines may seem crooked today 

But shall straighten in Thine own ways 

Past had been tense but future beckons

No obstacles shall now my steps slacken


Eyesight though blurred but vision not

Faltering the steps but falling not 

Missing the targets but aimless not

Down strides many but regrets not 


Destination seems afar, thorny ways

Turbulent sea struggling to be at bay

Wings though ruffled but when spirits soar

In silence to bounce back but with a roar


When Spirits Soar…



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