Ketki Borgaonkar Posted: February 06 ,2014

You express your pain out loud …

But what about those who can’t ?




" I give you fragrance, I give you beauty;

Spreading love in this world, I take it as my duty.

I am a symbol of love, passion, care.

I am the most precious gift

for every loving pair.

I left my soul back home with my mate;

To help you express your feelings to your date.

I am kept very safe as your love’s sign;

But that’s only till things are going fine.

I understand your heart’s hurt;

But why am I ripped apart?

Your culprit is your date,

What bad have I done to deserve your hate?

But, now that u have done it all

And down to the sand I fall

I’ll pray u gain your wish out of my pain."




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