Reflection And The Road Ahead

Vijaya Gowrisankar Posted: November 10 ,2014

I read the everyday hero stories

That reflect our reactions to real life battles

Be it an army man, in the war zone

Be it the farmer's son, who carved a life for himself...


Many of us - our ancestors belonged to the lower strata

Where daily survival, with three square meals, was an achievement

Where children - our ancestors again - walked miles to school, crossing multiple fields

Where farming was the staple occupation...


Someone from that family came into the city - away from the rural life

Made it big - earned a living

And sent money to their family, to get their siblings educated

Slowly and steadily, over the years, the family progressed...


Today, we are, what we call, the middle class society

Some have made it really big and have autobiographies in their name

There is a story of everyday heroes - in each country, in each street, in each family, each with a unique tale to share

Innumerable ones - known maybe only to their children and family...


In each such story, negativity had no role to play

Cribbing, quitting, doubt, despair, fear - did not find any space to breed

Hope, aim, faith to persevere, trust in oneself and patience were the key

Small steps, daily with discipline, without counting them, achieved big results...


Today, comparatively, each of us, have most things in a golden platter

All essentials - three square meals, clothes, shelter are available

Yet, instead of looking for new avenues to progress, we tend to encourage negativity

We are lost, aimless, fail to look beyond the obstacles life throws on us

And react like, we are the only ones, burdened with life's challenges...


For a healthy progress, we need to change our mindset

Think, talk and act positive - that's the only way ahead

Pave a way, such that, our future generation, has better things to look forward to and achieve

Firmly believe, that each of us is unique, and the sky is vast enough to embrace each of our achievements....

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