Parent Teacher Meeting

Vijaya Gowrisankar Posted: November 08 ,2014

As I walk into a PTM with the teachers 

It amazes me of the blessing I have

The power to shape a person, my son

Pass on my values of life as a lesson...


An apprehension he radiates

Or is it a mask of carefree concern

He wonders what will be his feedback

Unaware of life's see-saw of ups and downs...


Such innocence to experience again in life

It makes me recall, how I would bite my nails

As my mom walked into every of my PTM

As she always did - I do today, I walk in with a smile...


I reassure him, with a nod, that all is well

I take all evaluation in my stride

There is work to do for us, a duo, mother and child

Till the next PTM, we walk out hand in hand and thoughts in our mind...

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