Deepak Ruia Posted: December 29 ,2013


I always dream of an angel, beautiful as a princess..


A dream that filled my thoughts ..

were the dream I held on to,

the dream my heart longed to one day have.

a fantasy I long one day may come true.


the day when I first saw you

made me believe even dreams can come true..

You're the reason for this smile

that brightens my whole face..

this smile with you in my heart

will never frown

you’ve unknowingly became my all..

my soul.

you can make me feel alive once again ..

you can erase my past with just a touch

chase my fears with just one glance

you can break my mold with that first kiss

You're the reason

I restarted to believe in love


But then………..

a dream is a dream..

Reality woke me up.




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