Chakshu dutta Posted: February 26 ,2014

When it started

So it started

Well!! it started

YOU were there


We were naughty

Yes we were

It was mad

YOU were there


We were young

We were flying

YOU caught hold

YOU did scare


Lost were we

Lost was world

Nothing was clear

YOU were there


Many lost it

Few were favored

Whom to blame?

Was that fair?


Things moved on

Well they did

Just to share

YOU were there


Love n romance

Sports and dance

First ever kiss

I do miss


Oh! YOU slapped

Yes YOU did

What a slap

That’s from YOU


Did we learn?

We did learn

Yes we did

Cause of YOU


We did act

Yes we played

And we won

Cause of YOU


Tracks got changed

We were left

And ignored

Whom to blame?


Time was right

Time is right

I didn’t check

I should have


Thanks to you

Thanks to all

Yes I do

Yes I should


What I am

So I am

And Here I am

Cause of YOU



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