~ Roots ~

Payal Agarwal Posted: February 22 ,2014

~ Roots ~


Whence in a pensive mood; musings have their say 


The glance lingering on the fading horizon in vague

stops mid-way on that banyan tree..

standing there since time immortal

much before my crawling days...


Stout.. dense ..dauntless ..sinewy

rooted for ever

a treasure priceless

unsung and unrealized mostly


Brooding further ..


Do I see a little hump there

mid- rib .. stooping a bit..humbled


a wee-bit less denser of the twigs and figs 

that withered and some twits that flew afar

into a nest of a new genre'


roots entwined now as a web of wrinkles 

criss-cross of experiences..

greying cells of wisdom...


forlorn but singing a saga of its own..

if only one could see and listen..


Brooding further..


reflection of my own roots; of my existence flashes by..

overlooked since eons of the resultant

metamorphosis undergone..


and unawares a prayer deep inside

whispers silently


you bore me and hived me 

now just be there ever to see me thrive a little more...


as when roots dismantle..where will my aches find shelter 

can there be spring there-after….!






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