Que. I have specific requirements for my project. Would you be able to write the content as per my specifications?

Ans. Yes. You can give us your specifications and we would deliver the content accordingly.

Que. I need content on some unique topic. Are you able to write on any topic?

Ans. Yes. We have a team of writers with various skills. We can write on all topics and varied subjects.

Que. How long does it take you to complete an assignment?

Ans. It depends on the assignment you give us. Once we receive your query we would be in a position to give you the time frame.

Que. How do I Get Started?

Ans. Simply fill in the contact us form on this website and we will get in touch with you.

Que. Will I get full ownership of the content?

Ans. Yes. We will transfer the full ownership of the content that you order, upon delivery.

Que. If I am not satisfied with the project then what is to be done?

Ans. You can provide us with the amendments you require within 7 days of the delivery of the project. We would revise it according to your instructions.

Que. How do I enroll for your E magazine?

Ans. ou simply have to fill in the registration form. Once you are registered you can upload your writing pieces for approval by our Editorial Board.

Que. How do I know if my work is approved and will be published on your website?

Ans. We would intimate you through an email on the approval or rejection status.

Que. If you do not approve my work, can I revise and send it to you?

Ans. We suggest you not to revise the rejected piece, as it may not be accepted even with changes. Writing afresh is a better option

Que. Would you provide reasons why you rejected my writing?

Ans. The decision of the Editorial Board would be final and it would not be answerable for any rejections. However, we suggest you to not to submit writings with any kind of offensive language or that can hurt religious sentime

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