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Editorial Board

Coming from different walks of life, and excelling in their respective domains of the writing world, our Editorial Board, encourages nascent & proficient writers to showcase their artistry in various forms. Parsons of creativity, these members of our Editorial Board, indulge in fair and impartial reviews of all the write-ups submitted to our E Magazine. 


Patronizing innovation, modern thoughts, captivating elements, creative themes, and diverse styles; our Editorial Board invites writing fanatics to display their articles, stories, and poetic compositions, to the entire world.  

At iWrite, we understand that while reviewing a piece of literature, it is essential to assess the author’s work in its truest sense, without magnifying or depriving it of its absolute worth. Under-rating a composition may disparage the author’s efforts, resulting in holding back the creativity which he/she was yet to discover. Over-rating prevents an author from further honing his writing skills and abilities. Keeping this cardinal principle in mind, our Editorial Board at iWrite, ensures that each writer gets an opportunity to exhibit his innate craftsmanship as well as nurture and fine-tune his talent of writing. 


Our Editorial Board considers writing as a way of freely expressing one’s thoughts in an imaginative and unique fashion. Unleashing one’s emotions, in a creative style, can create magic, even with the simplest of words. 


Listed below are a few tips from our Editorial Board to all those budding writers who wish to shine in the writing realm. These simple pointers ensure that the write-up composed by the writer, is no less than an exquisite piece of art.


Decide on a thought/theme: The theme of the content may include anything meaningful; however, a clear and concise thought will help in giving direction to the content. 


Write in a language in which you possess a strong hold:  This will facilitate in expressing your thoughts skillfully and explicitly.


Be passionate about the content: Delve on facts, thoughts, or memories, for which you possess a fetish or an ingrained passion.


Write at the time of the day when you’re the most creative: This will help in exploring and boosting new and creative ideas. 


Smooth flow of content: This will help in delivering an engaging, appealing, and decipherable composition. 


Keep the thoughts flowing. Keep Creating. Keep Writing. 


…writing with an aim!!

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