You are My Valentine….

Ishi Ray Posted: February 09 ,2014

Taking a stroll somewhere down in the memory lane, Love is a non-existent entity for me today.


They say “Love is eternal”- then how come it fades away or disappears?


The few wrong emotional strings have taken a toll on my self-confidence. Trust had been crushed numerous times. Even though the scars of past will always remain prominent on my soul, still I feel happy and lucky today because I have YOU, within all these hustle and bustle of life.


You are the Valentine of my life; my little bundle of Joy. With you a new me was born. You have taught me many things with all your playful acts. Although all your mischievous acts drive me crazy many –of- a-time, I enjoyed them all. They are the perfect stress busters at the end of my hectic day. Your non-stop talks, out-of-the way questions make me realize, how much I am needed by you.


With you each day is a new learning for me.


The “Art of Forgive and Forget” is something I always amazed to see by looking at you. There are many times when we get upset with each other, but the very next moment, we become friends again by hugging, kissing and cuddling. We never let our egos and grudges spoil the relationship.


You taught me how to live like a free bird. It is really inspiring, how you dance, laugh, cry or scream in public without thinking what other think of you. You have given me the wings. The wings to hover free. Feel free like a bird in the open blue sky. Independent and gritty without caring much what the rest of the world is thinking of me.


Happiness is just a state of mind. In reality, you do not need to seek for it hither and thither. It is all around us. We miss it because we overlook it. We literally forget how to stay happy. “I need this” and “I need that” has become the cliché of our lives. Every relationship has its own terms and conditions. And that what exactly makes life complicated.


Again I consider myself lucky here as well. As my valentine taught me happiness neither comes up with any price tag nor does it have any hidden clause. I never have to make a tough attempt to make you happy. A small candy can bring that magical smile on your beautiful face. Of Iate, I have started looking for those real joys which pops out from the simplest things in life. An evening watching cartoon shows, a weekend making castles on the sand or a just playing peek-a-boo are the most wonderful things.


Not realising a fact that I have been looking for the love in my life which I figured in those two glittering eyes!


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