Writing Contest No 3 - What I Want for Diwali

namrata Posted: October 21 ,2014


This Diwali I want a change in the environment and social life. Diwali is the festival of lights, glory and prosperity; I want the minds of the Indians to be illuminated, resplendence in the eyes of every child, which in turn will bring growth in the country. The magnetic and charismatic persona of a single man has brought lots of hopes and expectations from the root spreading government this year. When a wave created by a single person can drive so many people in one direction then let’s keep the wave alive and bring a change within ourselves.


Is it not enough to heap our roads with garbage? Throw things around as we only think cleanliness is just keeping our own house clean. Wake up guys, let’s build a healthy environment for our next generation, leave some fresh air and water for them too. Let’s pay the environment for what it gives us. This Diwali should be glowing with the clean roads, gardens, rivers and of course our minds. A social change within us is equally important which starts from our own family. Teaching our children basic etiquettes, being empathetic and protecting our surroundings will help them make a better life for themselves.


Let’s make it a noise free Diwali for all those differently abled people, patients, elderly citizens and of course the animals that cannot bear the sound of the crackers. Why only noise free Diwali, in fact we should try and curb noise pollution in our daily lives as well. I am always miffed by the rambunctious honkers while driving, I know its deviating from the topic but I can’t stop myself from writing about these hooligans who think they can get ahead in the traffic just by honking. Get alive and come back to reality that you aren’t a bat man or Spiderman who can fly out the traffic.


Let’s be selfish and stop polluting our environment and save it for our future generation, our own kids. Diwali being the festival of lights and rejoice, let’s celebrate in unison and light the candles of brilliance and happiness and burn the social and environmental maleficence in us. This Diwali I want a change within myself, my family, my surroundings and in fact everybody. I know it’s a way too much that I want for Diwali but I pledge to give it a fresh start.



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