Writing Contest - No. 3

Dev Posted: October 23 ,2014

Finally it’s that time of the year, auspicious Diwali is here. A mesmerising festival full of illumination, scrumptious food and sweets to gorge into with loads of happiness to be shared amongst loved ones. Everyone seems to be happy and in a frolicking mood, me as a bong vested in Kali Puja chores, others on the other hand gearing up for Lakshmi Puja and alighting firecrackers and diyas to a full night of revelry. I am happy yet...


...I am scared in an uncanny and frightening way.

You may say I am a naysayer, a pessimist of the highest order. No I am not; I am just going through a phase I have to endure every single Diwali. This phase is nothing else but deep hearted concern for people and animals who are mute subscribers to revelry that is forced upon them.


Maybe I am a pessimist or I am too much of a softie. I don’t know, but whenever I see Diwali being celebrated for ulterior motives I feel bad for the less fortunate. Animals suffer the most, all that boom and bang that crackers create is a real hindrance to their well being. People who suffer burns and scars via accidents are the ones I weep for.

Since Diwali is a festival having many hidden meanings to its name, one being lighting the inner lamp of wisdom, I’ll take the liberty of inviting you to the world of rationalism and kind heartedness (lighting your inner lamp of wisdom). Yes, don’t sit around for God to swish his magical wand for another year, lend him a helping hand for a change.


Is Diwali the Festival of Lights Or Crackers? Ask yourself this question a few times over and you will come to the conclusion that it is indeed the festival of lights. Crackers crept in as a means of added glitz but in turn have become the harbinger of pollution and other respiratory ailments for animals and humans who are susceptible to such issues. Attaining happiness doesn’t really need elaborate lights and lighting crackers that make the largest boom, it coerces people to be nice and spend time with each other.


You see poor people on the streets shivering out in this cold with very few clothes that barely cover their bodies, I beg you to help them instead of investing in gold and silver or gifting sweets and expensive stuff to your loved ones. Poor people need you more than anybody else.


Taking the final call is your decision, only if you promise to think and reflect rather than just treating this as a mere article or a rant from a thinker. I am doing my bit with an eco friendly Diwali, donating old stuff to poor people and animal shelters while educating others to follow the same.


Yes, I am scared still, until that change comes. Join me and let’s change a few social stigmas to be carefree and rejoiceful.


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