The Mystical Connection Between Brain and Relationships

Shraddha Kathuria Posted: January 15 ,2014

Brain, a pivotal part of the central nervous system in humans, directs the body’s actions, based on the information it receives from the sensory organs. An individual’s behavior, thoughts, whims, and choices, originate from one’s brain.  However, these elements keep changing throughout one’s life span, thus, indicating that the grey matter within the skull is subject to constant revamping. This happens primarily because relationships – loving or bitter – govern one’s emotions and sentiments. The human brain learns, changes, and adapts itself to the various relationships and allied experiences one encounters during his/her lifetime. In fact, it is the most intimate relationships which account for altering and remodeling this crucible, known as Brain. Let us have an insight on this interweaving and mysterious connection between brain and relationships during different stages of life.


Infancy: An infant, engulfed by a surfeit of curiosities, raw emotions, and inexplicable sensations, instantly connects to the primary care giver, the mother. Amidst a flux of alien faces, the infant’s brain comprehends the mother’s touch, and the various signals the mother gives with the help of her eyes, face, and voice. This bond creates a powerful impact on one’s brain, which it remembers life long.


Childhood: Under the shadow of parents and siblings, a child’s brain establishes a theory based on experiments and social interactions. The way parents interact with a child directly moulds their memories, which he/she may recall even after several decades. When parents narrate their own recollections of childhood to their child, it goes a long way in the healthy development of the child’s brain.


Teenage: Flanked by perplexities, teenage is the phase, when one begins to unravel new facets and challenges of life. A mere heartbreak or a defeat traumatizes the brain. Apart from family, close friends play a vital role, contributing the most in influencing one’s brain and thoughts. The brain learns new concepts and re-models the earlier ones, based on the ideas projected by friends and accomplices.


Adulthood: By the time one reaches adulthood, brain is well equipped with certain basic notions. However, when one finally chooses a soul mate, the brain starts functioning differently. With this special being entering one’s life, arrive a gamut of emotions, such as, dependency, sacrifices, expectations, love, intimacy, and attraction, all of which provide the impetus for re-wiring the brain. At this stage, the brain not only thinks about itself, but extends to think about the mate as well. It adopts new habits, forsaking the older ones. In troubled relationships, however, the brain is subject to immense stress and anxiety. Often insecurity and fear of loneliness undermine the brain’s rational thinking.


All relationships act as catalysts in transforming the way the brain functions at every stage of life. A loving relationship inculcates feelings of trust & security, and in such eventualities, the brain focuses on discovering new things. However, a distressed relationship inflicts pain & exhaustion to the cerebrum, and one experiences reduced levels of energy and enthusiasm. This esoteric connect between brain and relationships, is responsible for transforming the ultimate element, the inner self!

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