Resolution – Make it But Don’t Break It

Anushka Bhartiya Posted: January 08 ,2014

Ah the familiar word is back! In conversations, on various social networking sites as posts, and of course, at the dinner table.

It is that time of the year when we are all charged up about the New Year and the new possibilities and hopes it brings. We all need that one push to achieve all those goals we made last year but were not able to realize owing to one thing or the other.

So be realistic this time and set achievable goals for yourself that won’t be hard to stick to.

Time management: Now this sounds like a big term. But it has various dimensions. So when we say time management, we are not looking at setting a time table for the day and have a to-do list. Just take that first step this year. Wake up just half an hour early than your usual time. You will be amazed at how great you’ll feel with 30 more minutes in hand. Utilize it in doing something that is meaningful. Reading, spending time with yourself with a cup of coffee, sitting down with a loved one to have a heart to heart conversation or writing down your thoughts in a diary, it could be anything. Just make sure that you do it for a week at a stretch to start with. And be hopeful that it will continue for the next 51 weeks!


Travel more: No you don’t have to plan those exotic trips to far off places as part of this resolution. I am talking about the small little places in the city and its outskirts that you’ve been planning to visit for a long time now. Twice a month, plan a visit to that lake, the beautiful park everybody talks about, those not-sp-famous ruins that you’ve heard about from a friend, that coffee shop known only for the solitude it offers or that amusement park that the kids visit often.


Savings plan: Now this one is quite tricky. Let us not talk about the big saving schemes and all those mutual fund investments. What I am talking about is this small little amount of money that’s always there in our accounts. It is just that we need to separate it from the rest of the money and transfer it to another place. The best way to do this is to open another account and transfer let’s say 10% of your money to that account every month. I can bet you will feel proud of yourself to see the balance after one year. Earlier, people used to save for bad times or crisis. But the current generation is different. So with these savings, you can treat yourself with gifts or a trip next year. And it won’t even pinch your pocket!


A healthier life: We all want to be fit and healthy. But it is a pain to take up that gym membership or go for that morning walk every day. This year, just start with one healthy habit and be consistent with it. It could be a glass of warm water with honey first thing in the morning, or taking those stairs instead of the elevator. Be it not having dinner too late in the night or shunning the rikshaw for that market trip, it is all about that one small but very positive step.

So go ahead, love yourself, love others and make that one resolution that’s easy on you and can do wonders to your life.

Happy Resolution-ing!


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