One True Love

Dev Posted: February 14 ,2014

Love: A four letter word that has the power to alter feelings of any living being on the face of this earth. It is the strongest interpersonal bond everybody, be it humans, animals, insects or any other living creature craves for as a sort of inner peace or self righteousness.  Love is divine, it heals minds, mends relations and entrusts the people experiencing it with a sense of belonging. There are rarely any creatures you would find on our planet whose bond has not been formed on the basis of love. Procreation begins with the famous saying ‘love at first sight’ and it holds true in most cases of attraction. Attraction leads to love, love leads to togetherness, togetherness leads to an unflinching bond and that bond tends to last until the last breath.


Like the sweet fragrant whiff of a flower floating upon the breeze, caressing us, enchanting us, love is available to whoever wishes to receive and cherish it. There is no limit to the number of souls love can grace its warmth with. Love includes everything and everyone around in our daily lives. In true love there is no separation or betrayal, there is just one bond and that bond can scale mountains of grief and misery. There is no singular entity in love, it is always homogenous in nature, welcoming all under its shelter who wish to experience its intangible yet moving beauty. Love is not against some things and in favour for others. Love has no agenda, love simply as is and tries to be as simple as it can be.


Then why is love considered so over complicated in this modern world? For that maybe a change in perspective is needed to better gauge the situation. There are two types of people around us, some are the ones who appreciate what they receive and then there are some who just want more without giving any consideration to someone’s feelings. The former group encompasses more or less the happy people around us who make do with what they have and seldom complain about desiring more from their love lives. The latter group is the one which is more often unhappy with their lovers or spouses on matters of incompatibility or other issues of intimacy which love just cannot conquer on its own if left aside. Love is a feeling that is needed to be portrayed regularly at least not every now and then but still it is very necessary to keep people around us knowing that we deeply care for them.


Intimacy is a crucial component of all relationships. That is how people come closer and get to know each other from head to toe. In order to know one another, you need to share minute details about yourself which you would seldom share with family or the general public. This self-revealing behaviour, when reciprocated by the consenting partner, forms an emotional bond which slowly gets deeper over time and less susceptible to negative vibes.  Slowly, this bond strengthens and keeps evolving to higher levels of compassion, romance, intimacy and belongingness, so that two people merge closer and closer together. Intimacy by itself if is a great friendship of sorts, but compiled with the aforementioned facets of love, forms an equation for the purest of relations: one true love. People who are strongly committed to one another will, when faced with seemingly negative information about their partner, see only the positive because the intimacy level between them is paramount.


Does that mean that it's always more loving to put your own priorities aside to suit someone else’s requirements? Absolutely not! Love means compromise and understanding. Without consent and understanding love cannot last long and eventually it becomes a headache. All beings learn to co – exist together and learn to accept their differences.  Lack of mutual understanding and also other conflicts make relationships sour and are a major reason for letting go of one’s partner. Love is a temporary euphoria; it erupts like volcanoes and then subsequently calms down. And when it does so, you have to make a clear and concise decision. You have to work out whether your souls are so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part your ways. Because this is what true love means.

Love is not breathlessness, it is not ecstasy, it is not the harbinger of promises of eternal longevity of a relation, it is not the desire to mate with each other every moment it feels like, it is actually the sense of protecting your partner or spouse from every kind of harm that ever tries to come their way and being with them every step of the way.  Love is not an investment where you desire to reap benefits or earn some kind of petty profit from. Love is love, pure and unconditional straight from the heart only for those who want to give it to others they care for and strive to keep in their lives.  Pure love is being vulnerable in front of that one person and laying bare all your inner demons in front of them to get a better perspective of your life.

Most people have this mindset, thanks to this unforgiving and miserly world that if you love anybody or anything, they are bound to leave you for better pastures and eventually your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping your heart beating the way it should, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Protect it with undying spirit and valour and keep it safe inside a treasure chest only for someone worthy enough to find. But, this is also showing a side of your selfishness towards life; always wanting it easy because inside wthat chest your heart will be safe but devoid of any feelings it is bound to change.  Hearts get broken without love too. Societies are yet to accept the fact that love can happen to anyone at anytime. But, they have failed to do so willingly and thus have created such ideals where lovers are unable to meet, interact freely and are eventually broken apart. This phenomenon is widely seen in an orthodox and backward minded country like India where falling in love is treated like a crime and couples are looked upon with disdain. In such cases rebelling is the only option to make your relation work and make it last forever. Try staying without compassion from every single human being on this planet and count the days until you finally give up.  Learn to accept love from others especially from those showing a deep liking or interest in your life, your talents or simply you!


All you need to do is make your lover smile and rest of the things will all fall in place altogether. Love is so divine that it just takes one act of compassion to sort out countless miseries. It not only gives you a reason to prolong your life for the ones u care for but also striving each single day to give them the best of what they deserve and never bring tears to their eyes. A simple act of kindness or being helpful can make wonders. So from next time onwards try and listen to what your other half has to tell you. Comprehend that into something meaningful and then set out together to achieve that goal and then you will see that no one can stop you from being happy together in this crazy upside down world. Break all barriers to achieve that one true love and see what God gave you in the form of True Love.

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