Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Shraddha Kathuria Posted: December 31 ,2013

Flowers are God’s finest creation and the most magnificent gift to mankind. The sight of a beautiful flower triggers a feeling of serenity and tranquility. Flowers are a subject of poetry and no poet can refrain himself from using a reference of flowers in his work. It is the sheer beauty and auspicious significance that makes flowers a splendid offering to a deity. The color and the fragrance make them the best way of expressing love and gratitude to dear ones. In this article we will discuss some of the most ravishing and whimsical flowers in the world.


Bluebells: Endemic to Britain, this flower is blue-purple in color and the structure is similar to little bells. The sight of an arching spray of vibrant bluebells in the season of spring is simply awe-inspiring and breath-taking. They cover the entire forest floor thereby creating a bluish-purple mist in the woodlands. The view is picturesque and every photographer’s delight.


Cherry blossom: In shades of white and pink, this flower is angelic and looks spectacular on trees. It holds a significant position in the Japanese culture and is the unofficial national flower of Japan. In fact Japanese organize parties and festivals for public viewing of these flowers.


Bleeding Heart: As the name suggests, this flower resembles the shape of a broken heart with a drop of blood falling from it. It is one of the most splendid flowers on the planet and an all time favorite of photographers. In shades of red and pink having white tips this flower dangles beautifully from the flower stems.


White Lotus: This flower has an auspicious significance in Hindu and Buddhism religion. White in color with a yellow ring in the centre, this flower is the most exotic and resplendent flower on earth. It grows in muddy waters and yet blooms into a stunning flower.


Calla Lily: This is by far the most stunning, elegant, ethereal and scintillating flower in the world. It symbolizes purity, magnificence and beauty. Although the sight of this flower is extremely captivating, all parts of the plant are toxic and poisonous.


Black Eyed Susan:  A member of the sunflower family, this wild flower flaunts bright yellow petals with dark brown centers. A sun-worshipper, a gamut of these flowers create a beautiful backdrop in gardens, roadsides, open woods and fields.


Colorado Columbine: National flower of Colorado, this flower found in high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains is also known as rocky mountain columbine. The display of white and lavender colored petals with a yellow loop in the center is a treat to the eyes.


Flowers are a blessing of the Almighty to mankind and without them the earth would have been lifeless. Their beauty lies in the fact that they are visually stunning and at the same time endorse joy and happiness! 

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