Life without U but with You

Vibha Singh Posted: February 24 ,2014

Tried to sleep but can't,  today....17 years without U... years have passed and still I find you near to me, who says death is beginning of life. Why it’s so painful to love someone so deeply that even after so many years you feel like touching him, catching him, talking to him, asking him…Am I right? What I’ve done till date is it correct? Is it this which YOU wanted me to do?


No one can take you away from me. U 'have taught me life's lesson, being brave so that I could fight day to day challenges for the bread & butter, for our daughter, her future, for our identity, struggle ...facing people in routine who pretend to be your well-wisher but at the end of the day we find them so dangerous ..Just like animals who are roaming outside for their prey, the moment we'll feel weak. They’ll attack n eat us, destroy our lives.


Our daughter was just one year old and now she's 18. She has grown-up. She’s very understanding, caring and balanced but she could have been much better if you were with us. I wish she could fulfil all your unfulfilled dreams. Time has passed as if it happened yesterday when I lost you, since then I tried to do everything. Smiled, laughed, eating, shopping, roaming here n there without work and for work. Did all the things which you & me thought for our daughter Anku but still something is missing and you know IT'S U.


Even today I feel miserable without you. Every year I try and promise myself that I won't cry or give - up but this unlucky date of Dec-14th makes me so weak that I feel there's no life around, no sound, no air to breath, I feel so suffocated, my eyes stop blinking and the past starts rolling in front of my eyes. Your pain, your stress and your voice ...every single moment of our togetherness. All the pain breaks my heart into peaces. It’s very tough. .really tough to live without someone whom I’ve loved the most. Everyone looks towards me….but where & to whom should I look upon? Nobody has ever asked how I’ve passed these long 17 years…..but this fight with life, responsibilities & duties towards life has to go on till I take my last breath………there’s no time to GIVE UP!!!!!!


I trust and believe that where-ever you are.. you would be spreading happiness and smile around.


We all LOVE & MISS U ANIL..........



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