How to get your girlfriend interested in football

Anushka Bhartiya Posted: July 02 ,2014

With the FIFA fever getting higher with each passing day, you cannot afford to miss a single match. But sometimes when your girlfriend is not interested in the game, it might get difficult to follow World Cup 2014.

But imagine what if your girlfriend was interested? What if she was as excited about it as you are? Well, this dream can come true if you play it smart. Here are five things you can do to make her love football!


Make watching football fun for her


If you are planning to let your girlfriend just sit next to you while you remain glued to the TV set, you might as well forget about watching it ever again. Arrange or cook some delicious dishes that she loves. Buy her favourite drink and keep a good stock stored for emergencies. If it is a late night match, you can switch off all white light and have a beautiful lamp lit in the room. Make the room warm and cozy. Cuddle her while you both watch your favorite game on the planet. Refill her glass during half time and ask her what else she would like to eat.


Make her watch movies based on football

There is no point in trying to explain the game right from the first day to your girlfriend. Instead, make her watch some nice movies based on the sport. Movies like Goal and Any given Sunday that have a human angle to football make for an excellent start for your girlfriend to start liking the game. Watch these movies with her and talk about some of the football legends and their stories. Girls love listening to stories about love, passion and struggle. If you are lucky, she might just get interested in watching the match with you.


Try explaining the game to her in a simple way

Once she starts joining you for watching the game, start telling her about the rules of football. Don't start with the technicalities. Make her understand the basics first. Gradually move on to the intricacies. While you do this, narrate some interesting anecdotes about players and the World Cup matches in the past. This will maker her want to know more about the sport.


Buy her a jersey

There is no woman in the world who doesn't love a gift from her partner. Gift her a nice football jersey and give it to her just before the start of the game. But make sure that you buy those fitted ladies' jersey and not just a loose t-shirt. Tell her how sexy you find her in that jersey.


Create games around watching football

It might just get boring for your girlfriend to watch football for hours together. If it is a night match, she might want to go to sleep before the match ends. And if by mistake you decide to still watch the game, it may end up ruining your relationship in some way or the other. So what's the solution? Play games with her while you watch football. Kiss her every time your team scores a goal. Ask her to take off a piece of clothing every time there is a foul. Give her a massage during half time. Keep her involved in the game while spending some intimate moments together.

Hopefully, this will help you watch your favorite game with your favorite person without any guilt or fight!



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