Food, Relation and Chemistry!!!

Ishi Ray Posted: January 12 ,2014

Ever wonder what relates food, relation and chemistry! Is it in a date where you can find your answers or is it in the belief as the old saying goes “the way to any man’s heart is through his stomach”?


From the bygone ages, it has been said food and relationship have many similarities between them. A right choice can satisfy your taste buds, mind as well as soul. On the contrary, a wrong experiment can always cost you a disappointment.


Since our childhood days, getting an ice-cream or a piece of cookie as a reward even for a simple achievement; develops our bonding with food. Such theories stay with us and as we grow up, we continue to treat our emotions bargaining with food. Sometimes to celebrate joy sometimes to pacify up heartbreaks


The first formal meeting of two people about to kick start a relationship comes in form of a date. As we all know, it is a universal fact that food is the part and parcel of every date. Beside a bouquet of colourful flowers, a box of chocolates or an expensive gift, it is food that has played an essential role in uniting two hearts. Selection of menu indicates the likes and dislikes of a partner being acknowledged by the other person in the date.


Not only in a dating, but also in many other relationship food plays a major role.  Let us say, it is really wonderful when after a long tiring day on their way back to home, parents bring food surprises for their toddlers. Furthermore, a snacking treat for your college buddies can always makes your college days more unforgettable.


We all have to agree that to some point, it is food which creates a situation where two people have found sitting on a dinner table chit-chatting about their likes and dislikes, life stories and all the worldly trivia. In extreme cases, food helps mending many restrained relationships. Mend the broken hearts with edibles, is always the best way leading to a feel good factor.


Food is such a delightful thing and also is very sensuous, not only eating it, but preparing it with someone special as well. Although if someone is overly fussy about food it can be no less than a deal breaking task for others.



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