Flaunt Your Well-Toned Arms to the World Using These Simple Tips at Home!

Shweta K Bakshi Posted: November 13 ,2014

Sleeveless dresses are always in vogue and most men & women do not wear them due to the flaccid fat on their arms. Well-toned arms are an important aspect of looking attractive, as heavy and flabby ones can make even the prettiest of faces look unappealing. While girls wish to have slim and toned arms, boys like to show off huge muscles.


By adopting a healthy diet and by performing a few simple exercises at home, one can easily tone shapeless biceps. We bring for our readers, a few tips to reduce the flab from the arms and gain their lost confidence!


Healthy Diet:

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for losing weight. Losing fat from one specific part of the body is difficult. Instead, one should target to tone the full body and keep fit by maintaining the right diet.


A healthy diet must include:


•Foods consisting of lean protein, such as, fish, turkey, quinoa, chicken, egg whites, low-fat dairy products, cottage cheese, beans, legumes, and more. 


•Carbohydrates that do not increase blood sugar, such as bran cereals, black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, wheat tortilla, skim milk, and lentils. It is advisable to avoid foods with high carbohydrate content, which include potatoes, bread, rice, root vegetables (parsnips & carrots), some fruits (mangoes, bananas, & pears), and the likes.


•Foods rich in vitamins & minerals, such as milk, fortified non-dairy products, fortified cereals, kale, liver, eggs, nuts, seeds, broccoli, spinach, seafood, wheat bran cereals, mustard greens, whole grains oatmeal, lentils, and selected fruits, & vegetables.



Working out regularly is equally important to get sculpted arms and a perfect body. We recommend our readers to indulge in exercises which help to trim arms especially those which aim at specific muscle groups of the limb. A well-planned workout program helps build muscles and remove fat resulting in the desired shape of the arms!


These 5 easy exercises help tone the most stubborn fat:


Skipping: Skipping is one of the best cardio exercises and it does wonders to reduce fat in the arms. The circular motion of the limb helps to burn fat easily.


Weight Lifting: One does not always need dumbbells and the luxurious ambience of a gym for weight lifting exercises. Using a 2 litre bottle filled with water serves the purpose too! Hold the bottle with both hands and keep your arms straight. Lift the bottle over the head and take it behind the back. Stretch to the maximum extent possible. Bring the hand back over the head. Repeat this 10 times. Three such sets done daily for at least 2 months is sure to get the desired result!


Push-Ups: Push-ups are a tried and tested method for toning the body. Beginners must start by balancing on their hands and knees. Later they may try with their hands and toes. Three sets of 10 reps done daily can do wonders for your body!


Chair Dips: All that we need for this exercise is a piece of furniture! A sturdy chair or even a flat-bed is good enough. Face backwards to the furniture and keep the hands on it by placing the arms at the level of the shoulders. Keep at least 3 feet distance from the prop. Bend knees and elbows, such that the body touches the ground. Three sets of 20 reps, is enough to get well-toned arms!


Scissors: The body movement for this exercise resembles the opening and closing of a pair of scissors. Stand straight and lift arms to shoulder height. Stretch the arms and overlap the right one over the left and get them back to the original position. Next, get the left over the right and so on. Three sets of 10 reps of this fun exercise can help achieve the most slender arms.


One may indulge in any of the above-mentioned exercises. Though, we suggest our readers to undertake all of them for best results. Increasing the sets week by week will certainly make a huge difference.


Apart from maintaining a good diet and indulging in exercises, one can also reduce flabby arms by performing simple household chores, such as washing dishes, dusting furniture, and more.


Now, that we have shared the secret of obtaining the best looking sculpted arms, waste no time, just get into the groove!


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