Defenders of Values

Deeksha Posted: December 30 ,2013

Innocence is one of the trait that is most admired in the young. It is the effortlessness in the way a child thinks that enables him to move past the immoral ways of the older generation. Children, while possessing less knowledge than adults, ironically are the truest to themselves and others and don’t mean any harm to anyone. Over time our principles and values fade away and we get tough and invulnerable on the outside facing the world. We fail to remember the simplicity we lose over time.


Children don’t let anyone forget our morals and rather defend them. To receive respect from others, we first have to achieve self respect and for that values are essential. Children can protect our values by simply showing them to us.


One night my friend went to a party with her mother. Her mother found a friend and they were talking animatedly when she came towards her. Her mother was claiming to her friend that the new diamond she had bought costs more than the real price. This was normal. Boasting and exaggerating are an accepted part of our society nowadays. My friend, not understanding the situation, spoke the truth without hesitation. Her mother, looking embarrassed excused herself. This left her deep in thought.


When you speak a lie long enough, you start living the lie. To reach the peaks of popularity and seem rich to the world, we try vigorously to please everyone else and in all that we forget our initial goal—to stay happy. Later, her mother, feeling content, found her friend and confessed. This renewed her sense of self respect.


Another incident like this happened when a man found a wallet lying on the ground. He and his little girl were walking their dog on an early morning. The wallet, on further examination was full of money. The man thought it best to just keep all the money and leave the wallet back on the sidewalk. He did so but was questioned by his baffled daughter. The man thought of ways to explain this to his daughter, but no he couldn’t think of any. Reluctantly, he put the money back in the wallet and saw that there was an identification card in there. The house was just 3 blocks away. Together they walked to the house and returned it. As it turned out, the person to which the wallet belonged to had a personal attachment to the wallet and was immensely relieved. He was so happy, that he offered all the money in the wallet to the man and his daughter, but they declined. Money is also just our means of a comfortable life, but adults forget that and form a lust for it. The man learnt this and from then on tried his best to never lust on money.



It is not possible to unlearn the way we live taught to us by the society. But children remind us that having values can make a difference in our life. In another words, children are the defenders of our values.

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