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Chromo therapy or Color therapy is  getting worldwide acclamations as perfect stress buster. It’s an ancient therapy which came from Egypt. Energies from plants, gemstone, crystals, water and sunlight are the sole ingredients of this therapy. This therapy believes that each color of the rainbow has a unique significance. They all have the power of healing in them only if used in a proper manner. Color therapy is closer a remedial system to nature. It’s a useful theory with minimum side effect.  


Color therapy approach in life:

Food is the energy producer of the body. Many of the problems of life gone away with some simple changes in diets. The main concept is “eat fresh and live healthy” in every way. Implementation of colors in edible things can really bring a drastic change in your mood. Exposure to violet light and drinking yellow solar water ( drinking water exposed to sun) before meals can suppress the weight gain, prevent constipation and increase circulation. Green color foods help to provide balance and prevent illness. Yellow as the color of sunshine; provide extra assurance to positive thoughts.  Other than food, massaging your feet with yellow colored oil during pedicure makes the energy flow smooth to the depressed area it relaxes. It is a great relief to foot problems caused by diabetics.


To make an impression in either personal or professional field, you can always take the help of beautiful energetic colors through your outfits.  As we all know that our taste of color mostly depends on the seasonal change. Black attires dominate the winter as it absorbs more heat, whereas summer is ruled by the color white because it keeps the body cool.  


Even with the seasonal color guide sometimes it’s become impossible to choose the right color for the right occasion.  


Here are some small tips about the colors which can enhance your looks as well as your personality:


Red also known as the color of treatment. Red represents courage, strength and pioneering spirit. Since this color increases blood flow in the body it should be avoided on hypertension/high blood pressure patients. In such cases pink may be a substitute.


Wear When:

  • You want to be more passionate in your love life.
  • You need to boost up your energy level.
  • You want to make things happen faster with an assertive approach.


Avoid when:

  • You are feeling nervous.
  • You want to stay with yourself.
  • You are feeling frustrated and angry with everyone.


Blue regulates the willpower and communication. It represents the expansive quality of sky. It encourages one’s creativity by calming down the mental state. From negative aspect too much blue can turn anyone to overly cold nature.    


Wear when:

  • You want to show calmness.
  • You need to be more organized.
  • You want to communicate something important.


Avoid it when:

  • You are feeling isolated or lonely.
  • You feel depressed.
  • You are being too completed for yourself and others.


Green enlarges sensitivity and compassion. It represents the optimistic nature of spring. It can give a calming effect, particularly in inflamed part of the body. It soothes down the nervous system. It acts negatively if used to heal cancer or tumors. It can aggravate the condition.        


 Wear when:

  • You want to see the positive side of a thing.
  • You want to feel more space around you.


Avoid it when:

  • You are confused about where life is taking you.
  • You are avoiding the truth of a situation.


Yellow symbolizes the power of sunshine so it enlightens the body and the mind. It encourages the concentration power.  It also helps to improve your communication skills. Excessive exposure to this color may make one superficial or restless.

Wear when:

  • You need to attend to details.
  • You are studying and need to keep your mind awake.
  • You want to have fun.


Avoid it when:

  • You are fear full.
  • You want mental solitude.


White is a color of strengthening, cleansing and purifying to the entire energy system. It symbolizes a new beginning. White can encourage creativity as it calms the heart, mind, nerves and emotions. Too much exposure to white can make one passive, lethargic, and hypersensitive. 


Wear when:

  • You want to start the day with a clean slate.
  • You want to give yourself a refreshed look.


Avoid it when:

  • You are feeling lethargic.
  • You are oversensitive about anything.


Black destroys the feeling of hatred, enmity and negativity as it is authoritative and powerful. It should be used carefully because too much of black can bring instability to mind like fear, suspicion and paranoia.     


Wear when:

  • You prefer to merge into a crowd.


Avoid it when:

  • You want to stand out amidst a crowd.


 Apart from your clothing, to energize and excite the emotions all these colors can be implied as the shades for your walls, curtains or in form of furnishings.


N.B- Prior Expert Opinion and Guidance Is Recommended Before Adapting Any Thing New.



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