Are you in a Long Distance Relationship? Bridge the Gap and Keep the Romance Alive With These 5 Amazing Apps!

Shraddha Kathuria Posted: November 16 ,2014

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder!”


Well, it does, but at times the distance may seem daunting particularly when you’re in another city or in a whole different time zone as your lover!  So how do you kindle the long-distance romance and keep it alive? Technology can certainly help and one of the best ways is to stay connected via apps and express your love and care to your partner! Listed below are 5 such apps for long-distance lovers that help them to get cozy with their love, at least virtually!   


1. Avocado

Inspired by the concept of avocado trees that bears fruits only in pairs, Avocado is by far the best app for couples. Not surprisingly, this super cute app is widely popular across the world as it allows couples to do a host of things together such as setting up joint to-do lists, or shopping lists, setting reminders for special occasions, plan meetings, send messages, images, sketches, stickers, and kisses too!


2. Couple

Did we just talk about kissing? Then we certainly can’t forget to mention the Couple app which allows you to share a slightly mushy moment with your significant other. They call it a Thumb Kiss, whereby both the lovers can place their thumbs on the screen at exactly the same time to have their phones vibrate and see the thumbprints appear on the screen. Too hot to handle! Is it?


3. Between

Hush! Hush! There’s a private social networking app out there! Between is probably the best looking app for couples, enabling them to privately interact with each other, with the homescreen featuring the partner’s city, its weather, and some great images shared between the two of them. It also has a countdown timer that allows you to tick the days off until your partner’s next visit or Skype session! Awwww!   


4. Snapchat

A glimpse of your beloved one does cheer up things for you! Isn’t it? The interesting feature of Snapchat app is that it lets you send photo messages which disappear from the recipient’s screen within 10 seconds! You can also add witty one-liners and captions to images that you send.   


5. Skype and Google Hangout

Then there’s the good old video chat which enables you to see your love on your phone’s screen and chat with him/her for hours at a stretch. While the Skype app offers simple video chatting and messaging services, the recently upgraded Google Hangout makes the chatting affair seem like a cakewalk.  In fact, couples can also watch videos and movies on YouTube at the same time, and if any one of you wishes to pause it, the video pauses for your partner as well! Cool eh?  


Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are several other enticing apps for maintaining long-distance relationships. So if you’re worried about cross-city or cross-country calling bills, then just download any of these apps and enjoy awesome romance in full glory! 

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