All is Well

Anushka Bhartiya Posted: January 08 ,2014

There’s too much on the web these days telling us all that is wrong with life. All that we need to change in our lives and all that needs to be worked upon.

But what if we are doing just fine? Of course we are. There is a lot to be proud of, to be cherished, to be loved about ourselves and people around us.

Sometimes, we end up being too critical about ourselves and negative about everything around. So here’s a list of seven things that will tell you that all is fine and you are doing really well in life.


1. You are doing quite well if you have a healthy relationship with your parents. This means you hang out with them from time to time or talk to them over the phone, share a good joke and enjoy theirs. You might be far away from them but you always know what’s been happening.


2. You have a job! Yes, you are earning! Be it peanuts that you get at the end of the month, if you’re doing what you’re doing 5-6 days a week and crib about it let’s say just twice a week, you are doing fine. We all do it, in every field, in every profession.


3. Apart from your parents, you have at least two persons in your life who love you. Like really love you a lot. They might not say it from time to time, but their actions speak louder for sure. It could be coming to meet you in the middle of a week and making you laugh out loud or maybe just call you and share a part of their life.


4. You are healthy. Which means you can go to the mountains whenever you want to, without any health-related worries, you can run and even chase someone. You aren’t on any real pills. And you are allowed to eat anything and everything that you feel like.


5. You are loved. Might sound repetitive, but I cannot reiterate enough. So when I say you are loved, it means that people like you generally, because you are a genuine person. They like you for what you are inside and not because you’re at a position or coz you’re good looking.


6. Apart from work, there are other things you do and take out time for. It could be reading, writing, playing badminton/any other sport, cooking, partying, travelling, shopping (Yes I do know some people who don’t have the time to go for shopping!), visiting people and places within your city, or taking care of others.


7. You know how to laugh out loud. This means you really can embarrass people around you with your laughter. Yes, if you can do this, you are doing quite well!


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